Snakeskin All Day

I know that it’s spring and summer is just around the corner, but I’m not ready to let go of snakeskin. So I’m dragging it, kicking and screaming, into the rest of the year.

I’ve seen a lot of snakeskin print dresses and skirts and jumpsuits, but… I just haven’t reached that level of bravery in fashion. I can not pull off a head-to-toe snakeskin look. Yet.

In the meantime and while I am building my audacity, I saw this post from The Anna Edit on Instagram, and I instantly fell for these shoes. They’re so sexy and minimalist and right up my alley. They were almost perfect. They just needed a little snakeskin (check out number 3 below for the alternative I found)!

snakeskin sandals
1. Jeffrey Campbell Sandal   2. Steve Madden Soph Sandal   3. Steve Madden Cherie Lace-up Sandal   4. Naturalizer Ivy Quarter Sandal


Which ones are your favorites? Seen any other ways to wear snakeskin you think I should know about? Let me know in the comments!

Five January Favorites

I have a hard time making decisions about things I like when I’m shopping. This leads to me buying everything I like, then returning ninety percent of my purchases later. Not a good system, but I’m working on it. I’m also working on buying less by way of only buying things that I love certainly, one hundred percent. Here are the things I bought in January that made the cut.

January Faves
1. Grapefruit Reed Diffuser   2. Lush Hair Moisturizer   3. Snakeskin Print Cushion Cover 
  4. Byredo Bibliothèque Candle   5. Black Matte Flatware

1. The Nest Diffuser in the grapefruit fragrance. I love a good citrus scent, and this one is very powerful. It scents a large room or foyer. Mine was too strong for the room I put it in, so I had to remove some of the reeds, and that fixed the (fancy) problem!

2. I have very curly and very ornery hair. It don’t listen to nobody, including me. But at least now it stays moisturized! The scent on this is kind of earthy and the texture is pretty thick and nourishing.

3. I’ll be honest with you here and admit that I can’t resist snakeskin. You can give me almost anything snakeskin, and I’ll probably flip over it. I did with this pillow from Zara Home. I bought it in the sale and it was only $5.90. Six dollars! It does have a white back to it, which I was skeptical about initially, but it just doesn’t make a difference when it’s sitting on my chair. I don’t even see it.

4. Whoo boy, this candle is strong! It scents a small room even when it’s not lit. It smells immediately of plums and peonies but has a deeper, slightly masculine base. And the packaging–I live for the packaging.

5. Where do I even start? Black matte silverware! These have made my dinner parties (i.e. cheese and wine parties with my friends) so chic. Everyone who has seen them buys them for themselves. Seriously. Except my mom. She thinks they’re ridiculous. Hey, you can’t please everyone!

Do you have any of these items? What are some of your favorite things you bought last month?

Accessorize Me

Here’s a poorly kept secret about me: I like to wear the same thing every day. Or rather, a version of the same thing every day. Having to decide between many different outfits daily holds no interest for me. I’ve been known to go into a store and buy seven pairs of leggings for the seven days of the week. And I’ve also been known to order multiples of the same black shirt–maybe in alternate (neutral) colors if I’m feeling spicy. I love clothes, and I love to peruse new clothes but…unless it’s a special occasion or a venue that calls for more attention to detail, you’ll find me in my black leggings and charcoal tee.

I do, however, like to buy and wear many different accessories. Here are some looks that I’m currently digging.

via Pinterest
via Pinterest


via Pinterest


1. Shashi Gold Plated Ring   2. Black Oversized Flower Earrings   3. Painted Flower Clip Earrings   4. Geometric Gold Bangle   5. Pearl Heirloom Ring
1. Snakeskin Bootie   2. Snakeskin Clear Sandals

Leave me a comment and let me know if you’re more into clothes or accessories!