New In: Art

When I was in fifth grade, our class got a new transfer student–let’s call her Brenda. One of my best friends, Erin, was instantly obsessed with Brenda because Brenda came from a school that Erin’s crush attended. Erin always wanted to hang out with Brenda to ask questions about this boy, to talk about this boy, to relay info to this boy.

I did not like this.

Erin was my friend and Brenda thought she was just gonna come in and replace me?! No. I would shoot dirty looks at Brenda, ignore her–just be an all around jackass toward her. Then one day Erin said to me, “You’re being weird about Brenda.” And ten-year-old Kristin responded, “I’m being weird?! I’m being weird?! Me?!

And then I thought, wait bitch, I am being weird. 

It was then that I became aware of my possessiveness–and, no, it hasn’t subsided. What can I say–Venus was in Scorpio when I was born. But, I have kept the crazy under lock and key since then. Mostly.

gemary abstract art

I’m having to push the crazy way down deep to share this artist with you guys.

She’s mine!

No–she’s not. Everyone should get to enjoy her work and I have to share her with you because her abstract artwork is stunning. Her name is Boriana Mihailovska. I first found out about Boriana’s art from one of Gemary’s YouTube videos. I’m also obsessed with Gemary, but that’s for another blog post!

Look at these drawings! I can’t wait to get a third one to complete this little area in my bedroom. I dare you to check out her Etsy store and not fall in love with something. But like…something else other than the ones I bought. Don’t make me shoot you dirty looks and give you the silent treatment.

Gemary abstract art

Do you like these art pieces? What’s your favorite style of art? Anyone else born while Venus was in Scorpio? Let’s commiserate!

The White Shirt

What would I do without the white shirt? Become frozen with indecision every morning, probably. The classic white shirt has served me in many settings: an office meeting, a boat party, a concert in the park, a cocktail party… The possibilities are endless. The only thing I love more than a classic white shirt is a creative take on a classic white shirt–asymmetry, balloon sleeves, wrap styles, structured fits.

The Classic White Shirt

I’m always on the lookout for a new, interesting addition to my wardrobe. The following are some of my favorite finds right now.


1. Priola White Shirt   2. Noma White Shirt


classic white shirt
1. Asymmetrical Button Front Shirt   2. Button Up Tunic   3. Tie Collar Shirt   4. Memphis Scallop Blouse
1. Cotton Poplin Tunic   2. Hemingway Pintucked Blouse

What are some of your wardrobe must-haves that makes getting dressed in the morning easy? Let me know in the comments!