Sometimes I’m into art as decor. And sometimes I’m really into art as decor. I’m definitely going through the extreme phase right now. I want art on every wall from floor to ceiling. I’ve been able to talk myself out of such an aesthetic in my own house (for now), but I’m only able to … More L’art

Controlled Chaos

I recently visited my sister and I noticed some key decor style differences. My sister likes little groupings of things. Multiple picture frames on the bookcases, clusters of candles, stacks of records, gallery walls… I’m nearly the exact opposite. I like minimal amounts of items, but I like them so big that they’re slapping you … More Controlled Chaos

Feeling Blue

Once a strict neutrals-only girl, I’ve found myself trying more color. Slowly at first, dipping my toe in with a mustard throw or a painting with splashes of cobalt, then diving in head first with emerald ottomans and jewel-toned rugs. I can’t say that I’m a fan of all colors now, or even most. But … More Feeling Blue