It’s Bath Time, Kids

At least three times throughout the work day I think about how I’m going to eventually get to go home, sink into a fragrant, hot bath, pull on a robe, then lie on the couch and watch King of Queens reruns. It’s an exciting life I lead, and I love it.

Because baths and relaxing are my life, I try to make them a big experience. Bubbles, salts, robes, wine, oils… I’m very serious about it. As one should be when smooth skin and lounging on the couch is involved. I’m gonna share some of the things I use to make my bath and leisure time more comfortable and luxurious.


1. Zara Home Cedar Wood Candle   2. African Botanics Kalahari Bath Salts   3. Moroccan Rose Bath Oil   4. Dark Amber Linen Spray
1. Sumi Kimono Peony & Butterfly Robe   2. Skin Pima Cotton Terry Robe   3. Meng Floral Print Silk-Satin Kimono   4. Skin Pima Cotton-Jersey Robe

Do you remember being seven and doing everything you could to talk your mom out of making you take a bath? Gah, what were we thinking?!

Everyone Needs A Hero

I really want to explain how much I love the Glossier Body Hero body wash and cream, but I don’t think I can get the point across. I like the oil wash formula because it cleans but doesn’t dry out my skin, but the main draw for me is the fragrance. I. love. the. scent. The top note is neroli, which I’ve never used before this duo, but it is so good. After use, the scent isn’t overpowering, but it’s noticeable on the skin for at least a few hours afterward. And I love that when I go back into the bathroom after a shower that my entire bathroom smells like a lavish garden. The Glossier perfecting cream adds another layer of the fragrance, thus extending the wear time. I notice the orange note is more prevalent in the cream rather than the body wash. This last year I’ve made a conscious effort to only buy things that I absolutely love, and this has made the cut. It turns a shower into a whole experience for me. Love. it.