Let’s Talk About Mejuri

If you’re into dainty, classic, fine jewelry, chances are you’ve probably heard of Mejuri. The TL;DR version is that they are a fine jewelry brand with affordable prices because of their decision to eliminate the middleman. The materials they use run the gamut of precious metals, ethically sourced diamonds, genuine gemstones, and pearls.

Recently I was gifted the Star Necklace (gold vermeil and white sapphires), and have now had the chance to see why Mejuri jewelry is so popular. The necklace manages to be simultaneously classic and unique. Due to the longer length of the chain, I can layer it with shorter pieces for a completely new look. Although I’ll admit, I prefer the way it looks on its own. So minimal and elegant!

mejuri fine jewelry gold vermeil

This necklace has been a great introduction to the brand, and I’m already eyeing other pieces to add to my collection!

What do you think of Mejuri’s Star Necklace?

**Gifted, but all thoughts are my own!

The Prettiest One-Pieces 2019

There’s something about one-piece swimsuits that are just graceful and sophisticated and, yes–sexy. I much prefer them to bikinis and not just for their ability to hide a few more sins than the two-piece. Because let’s be real, they don’t hide that much more!

If you have an Instagram account, you know that around May brands start to inundate you with images of swimsuits. That’s how I found Matteau and Myra. I usually just scroll by most images but these bathing suits made me stop. These two brands make the most beautiful and refined swimsuits I have ever seen, so I had to share with you guys.


One-Piece Swimsuits 2019
via Net-a-porter


Myra Swim
via Myra Swim


How beautiful are these?!


The Saltwater Collective collaborated with Allana Davison and her collection launches tomorrow, Monday, June 10, and the orange one-piece is absolutely, one-hundred percent, the pièce de résistance. In my opinion! But by all means, check them all out!

Tell me what you think. Do you prefer one-pieces or two? Do you have a go-to beachwear brand? Let me know in the comments!

Snakeskin All Day

I know that it’s spring and summer is just around the corner, but I’m not ready to let go of snakeskin. So I’m dragging it, kicking and screaming, into the rest of the year.

I’ve seen a lot of snakeskin print dresses and skirts and jumpsuits, but… I just haven’t reached that level of bravery in fashion. I can not pull off a head-to-toe snakeskin look. Yet.

In the meantime and while I am building my audacity, I saw this post from The Anna Edit on Instagram, and I instantly fell for these shoes. They’re so sexy and minimalist and right up my alley. They were almost perfect. They just needed a little snakeskin (check out number 3 below for the alternative I found)!

snakeskin sandals
1. Jeffrey Campbell Sandal   2. Steve Madden Soph Sandal   3. Steve Madden Cherie Lace-up Sandal   4. Naturalizer Ivy Quarter Sandal


Which ones are your favorites? Seen any other ways to wear snakeskin you think I should know about? Let me know in the comments!

The White Shirt

What would I do without the white shirt? Become frozen with indecision every morning, probably. The classic white shirt has served me in many settings: an office meeting, a boat party, a concert in the park, a cocktail party… The possibilities are endless. The only thing I love more than a classic white shirt is a creative take on a classic white shirt–asymmetry, balloon sleeves, wrap styles, structured fits.

The Classic White Shirt

I’m always on the lookout for a new, interesting addition to my wardrobe. The following are some of my favorite finds right now.


1. Priola White Shirt   2. Noma White Shirt


classic white shirt
1. Asymmetrical Button Front Shirt   2. Button Up Tunic   3. Tie Collar Shirt   4. Memphis Scallop Blouse
1. Cotton Poplin Tunic   2. Hemingway Pintucked Blouse

What are some of your wardrobe must-haves that makes getting dressed in the morning easy? Let me know in the comments!

Accessorize Me

Here’s a poorly kept secret about me: I like to wear the same thing every day. Or rather, a version of the same thing every day. Having to decide between many different outfits daily holds no interest for me. I’ve been known to go into a store and buy seven pairs of leggings for the seven days of the week. And I’ve also been known to order multiples of the same black shirt–maybe in alternate (neutral) colors if I’m feeling spicy. I love clothes, and I love to peruse new clothes but…unless it’s a special occasion or a venue that calls for more attention to detail, you’ll find me in my black leggings and charcoal tee.

I do, however, like to buy and wear many different accessories. Here are some looks that I’m currently digging.

via Pinterest
via Pinterest


via Pinterest


1. Shashi Gold Plated Ring   2. Black Oversized Flower Earrings   3. Painted Flower Clip Earrings   4. Geometric Gold Bangle   5. Pearl Heirloom Ring
1. Snakeskin Bootie   2. Snakeskin Clear Sandals

Leave me a comment and let me know if you’re more into clothes or accessories!

Glitter Bombs

Some New Year’s Eves I’m asleep by eleven. Others I’m screaming “Happy New Year!” at midnight and dancing (badly) until the sun comes up. This year I’m gonna be dancing badly until the sun comes up. In my everyday life, I don’t like sequins or rhinestones or glitter (except for nails–I love a good glittery nail polish), but there’s something about New Year’s Eve that makes me want to look like a disco ball. If you share the same predilection for some gleaming, blinding holiday-wear you’re going to love these dresses as much as I do.

1. Lingerie-style dress w/belt   2. Sequin Dress   3. Sequined Crepe Dress   4. Silver Sequined Dress

Let me know your favorites!

Also, what are your plans for New Year’s Eve?