I Tried 10 Versed Products: Here are my thoughts

I spend a questionable amount of time on Instagram, so I was introduced to Versed skincare over a year ago. But if you don’t share my unhealthy fixation with the app or my even unhealthier fixation with the beauty section at Target, you may not have heard of this cruelty-free, affordable brand with the chicest, cutest packaging. Versed is a clean beauty, cruelty-free brand that aims to make skincare simple and accessible for everyone. I was instantly smitten with the brand.



  1. Weekend Glow daily brightening solution – made for aging skin, dullness, problem skin. I was excited to try this exfoliating toner, but I ended up being a little disappointed. There was some brightening, but it took about three weeks to see it and it wasn’t enough to get excited over. The formula is very gentle, never burned, and it also never dried out my normal to dry skin. I wouldn’t repurchase this toner. $17.99
  2. The Shortcut overnight facial peel – made for aging skin and dullness. I love this peel. It’s quick, easy and dries down in about 10 minutes so it doesn’t leave my pillow messy. In the morning my skin looks brighter, plumper, and smoother. $19.99
  3. Day Dissolve cleansing balm – made for all skin types. Smells great (like eucalyptus), effective at removing my makeup, along with waterproof mascara. Leaves my skin feeling conditioned and healthy with no film. I highly recommend this cleansing balm to everyone. $17.99
  4. Hydration Station booster with HA – made for dryness. I really love this serum. I mix it with my moisturizers, and it really does boost hydration. It’s super gentle and hasn’t caused any irritation. It’s definitely a winner. $19.99
  5. Stroke of Brilliance brightening serum – made for aging skin & dullness. This is one of my favorite serums in my arsenal. It brightened and evened out my skin really quickly. I saw results within a week. I have repurchased this over and over. $19.99
  6. Found the Light powder with vitamin C – made for aging skin and dullness. This vitamin C powder solves the problem of the instability of vitamin C. In powder form, the vitamin C stays effective all the way to the bottom of the bottle. I mix it in with whatever serum or moisturizer I’m using, and it mixes easily and quickly. I’m a big fan of this powder. $19.99
  7. Silk Slip conditioning lip oil – made for all skin types. This lip oil goes on very slippy, then dries down to a tacky consistency that lasted longer than I expected it to. Though I really enjoyed it, I don’t think it’s any better than Chapstick. And you can buy Chapstick with SPF, but there’s no option for SPF with this lip product. $9.99
  8. Zero G smoothing eye cream – made for aging skin. I didn’t see any change in my under-eye area from using this cream. But I can’t be sure if I’m the actual demographic this eye cream is for. Aging skin–I mean, if we’re living, we’re aging, right? But I don’t have much in the way of wrinkles or fine lines, so maybe it’s impossible for me to see any improvement? I gave this to my mom, and she actually really likes it. $17.99
  9. Look Alive hydrating plumping mask – for aging skin and dryness. This mask wasn’t it for me. It didn’t provide enough moisture for my skin, and I didn’t see any changes in my skin after using it. $9.99
  10. Keep it Supple body oil – made for all skin types. Guys, I love this oil. It’s so light but leaves my skin so soft. The light, floral fragrance is so pleasant and the pump makes it so easy to use. I love to use this after my nightly shower or bath. It absorbs immediately and leaves no residue. I will continue to repurchase. $14.99

As a brand, I really love Versed. I have found some great additions to my skincare routine. I can’t wait to try their retinol treatment and their hydrating toner!

Have you tried anything from Versed? What was your experience?

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