Nail Bling

At the moment, my floors are littered with tiny rhinestone stickers for my nails. I bought a bunch of them when I saw a picture of some blinged out nails I wanted to replicate on my own. I figured I could just do it myself at home. Ask me how many of those annoyingly tiny stickers I was able to get on my nails. Zero. ZERO! As soon as I’m able to pick one up, it immediately falls into the abyss where it’s impossible to find. So I pick up another one. Lather, rinse, repeat. Then, hours later, the stickers that were once impossible to find show up on the kitchen floor, on the living room rug, in my cleavage–you name it! I’m not a nail artist, guys. Let’s give it up for the pros.

Here are some nail looks that I’m digging right now and that I’ll be paying someone else to hook me up with!

via Pinterest
via Pinterest
via Pinterest
via Pinterest
nail art zoe report
via Pinterest

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