Controlled Chaos

I recently visited my sister and I noticed some key decor style differences. My sister likes little groupings of things. Multiple picture frames on the bookcases, clusters of candles, stacks of records, gallery walls… I’m nearly the exact opposite. I like minimal amounts of items, but I like them so big that they’re slapping you in the face as soon as you step inside. One painting that covers most of a wall. Sculpturally interesting furniture that speaks for itself eliminating the need for lots of accents. Plenty of texture: woods, faux fur, leather, silk, velvet… One thing I’m consumed with right now is floral centerpieces. But artful floral centerpieces. Floral arrangements that smack you in the face as soon as you walk into a room. Take a look…

yellow flowers
via Pinterest
yellow flowers 2
via Pinterest
floral arrangement
via Pinterest
floral arrangements
via Pinterest
via Pinterest
Art Floral Arrangement
via Instagram

My favorite is the first arrangement, but I love them all! What about you? Which is your favorite? Have you considered flowers as an impactful decor option?

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