Accessorize Me

Here’s a poorly kept secret about me: I like to wear the same thing every day. Or rather, a version of the same thing every day. Having to decide between many different outfits daily holds no interest for me. I’ve been known to go into a store and buy seven pairs of leggings for the seven days of the week. And I’ve also been known to order multiples of the same black shirt–maybe in alternate (neutral) colors if I’m feeling spicy. I love clothes, and I love to peruse new clothes but…unless it’s a special occasion or a venue that calls for more attention to detail, you’ll find me in my black leggings and charcoal tee.

I do, however, like to buy and wear many different accessories. Here are some looks that I’m currently digging.

via Pinterest
via Pinterest


via Pinterest


1. Shashi Gold Plated Ring   2. Black Oversized Flower Earrings   3. Painted Flower Clip Earrings   4. Geometric Gold Bangle   5. Pearl Heirloom Ring
1. Snakeskin Bootie   2. Snakeskin Clear Sandals

Leave me a comment and let me know if you’re more into clothes or accessories!

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