Gifts For the Men In Your Life

I love shopping for men more than I do for women. I don’t know why specifically, but I suspect it has something to do with the simple, chic, and luxurious look of a lot of men’s items. No frills, well-constructed, few patterns–that’s my jam. These things are difficult to find in a lot of women’s items, which is why I get a lot of my own bags and scarves and such from the men’s department. I thought I’d put my constant internet-scrolling to good use and proffer several suggestions.


Gifts for Men
Ribbed Cashmere Scarf   2. Ribbed Cashmere Hat   3. The Elder Statesman Scarf       4. Zimmerli Paisley Pyjama Trousers   5. Felt Hat in Camel


1. Khaki Toiletry Bag   2. Leather Wash Bag   3. Black Leather Toiletry Bag
This Is Ground Bandito Leather Lifestyle Roll


1. Clinique For Men Starter Kit   2. Tom Ford Oud Wood   3. Eternal Musk Scented Candle   4. Aesop Hand Wash & Balm

I could go on and on, but hopefully this post gave you some ideas. Happy gifting!

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